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Dare to dream again. Make it MYTHIC! 

"Give yourself permission to want more for your future life. To raise your ambitions and dare to dream again. Not just little dreams that you can do with your eyes closed... Make it MYTHIC! Then become the person who can forge those dreams into reality."

Rob Christensen

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“All of us are already influential. The degree and polarity of that influence is determined by what we think, say and do consciously or unconsciously.” - Rob Christensen

As a consultant with a young family, the demands of building a new business on top of those of an existing career and family led Rob into exploring human performance and hiring his own coach to get more done that mattered in less time.

Buoyed by his coaching experience, he then interviewed entrepreneurs, marketers, and professionals for his first book “Positively Influential,” which explored the concept of attraction marketing for networking and sales by being a positive influence.

Intrigued by his research and the practical application of professional coaching to develop the extraordinary and help people touch the rim of their full potential, Rob became one of the first Certified High Performance Coaches in the world, showing other professionals how to take their performance – their productivity, courage and vitality to a higher, sustainable level. Rob has taken his empowering message to Chamber of Commerce events, Toastmasters International, and the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Rob graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Applied Mathematics. He worked for multinational companies such as Oracle and Hewlett Packard, emigrated to the United States, and started a career as an independent consultant in California’s Bay Area. A chance encounter led to a volunteer opportunity as a database administrator for Mercy Ships, a seafaring charity that performed life-changing pediatric surgeries. After returning from Mercy Ships, he resumed his career as a senior database consultant in Chicago, Denver and Spokane.

Choosing a new adventure, Rob recently relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his family.  A stay-at-home dad to two young children while gaining permanent residency in Canada, he helps professionals in Edmonton’s business community attain higher levels of vitality, energy, and motivation while remotely training and coaching clients around the world with Mythic Performance.

Transformation and growth isn't easy. Rob knows this because he is still on his own journey, as are we all. Drawn forward by the tension between celebration of our progress, and our knowledge when we are honest, that we could still do so much better... be so much better.

Not easy, but necessary, if we are going to touch the rim of our full potential and rise to the demands of a new project, a greater mission, and to make a greater impact in the world.

We cannot achieve great things by demanding the scope of the problems we have to solve, or the mission we seek to serve, lower themselves to our current level of performance and capabilities.

We can start by asking ourselves "Who do I need to show up on my A-Game for today?"

“Influence is the great multiplier - it ripples out from us, touching others, and through them moves people that we may never encounter directly. The challenge is to be conscious about the influence we generate and make it positive!” - Rob Christensen

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